I remember the first time I heard this story. I was about 15 or so. 15 was hard, wasn’t it? I had bad acne, almost no boobs, and so little self-esteem. I was struggling fitting in with my group of friends so I was trying to find new ones.
This book CHANGED me and the way I viewed my life.
I felt completely understood! It changed the way I viewed Heavenly Father’s plan and the reasons we have trials. It helped me understand how much he loves me and how it pains him to see me suffer, yet how joyful he is even after a REALLY REALLY tough trial, I still choose to follow him and trust his love for me.
He is so proud when we choose to stay loyal to him. He knows we may wander off the path for a while, especially when things get tough, but when we’re ready he’ll ALWAYS take us back.
Just yesterday I was cleaning off a book shelf and came across this book and started to read it. It still resonates so much truth to me! I wanted to share it with all of you and hope that you’ll gain a new perspective too.



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  1. >I would just like to add that the reason that she was cleaning off her bookshelf and found the book was because we had a mouse in our house and were tearing apart that room to find and catch him. A very NOT-stressless event, I must say.On a side note, I'm so proud of my little cute wife. Babe, your quite the writer!

  2. >Sarah, I just want to let you know that you must have some serious inspiration. I too have been feeling not myself lately. My depression comes in waves and I suddenly have been hit with it again. I once heard that you never know why you go through things, why you have to learn things that seem so irrelevant, until you have children, friends, or family who go through a struggle; and then you are there with your past trial, you can help them through it in a way that you wouldn't have been able to otherwise. You may struggle with things that are awful but your testimony and growth from them are helping me through mine. I am grateful for your honesty and openness. Thanks for all that you share. I love ya! -Steph

  3. >Sarah, You are such an amazing inspiration and wonderful person. I don't know if i ever told you how much i have always admired and looked up to you. I remember in High School wishing i could have your confidence and charisma and the way you could put people at ease. I have loved reading your posts and wish that i could see you and talk to you in person. It is so nice to hear some honesty and hear the thoughts that i have thought come from other people. I think you are beautiful and your writing is too.Seneca Harding

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