A good kick in the pants and a new perspective

Last night we went swimming as a family.  They had a way cute kid’s slide in the shape of an alligator, FUN!  I’d love that if I was a kid, however I would soon find out that Logan didn’t think it would be fun at all.   I helped him climb to the top, “Go to daddy, he’ll catch you I promise.” He protested, but I was convinced he would love it as soon as he went down.  He screamed and by then we were making a scene, I looked up and saw that everyone was staring at us with a look of “Poor little boy”.  Whatever, it’s a kid’s slide!  I put him on my lap and down we went, his arms flailing and fingers digging into my arms.  “Weeeee….ouch!” I smacked the cement bottom at the end of the slide HARD.  My bum felt broken and I have a big purple bruise to prove it.  Serves me right I guess for forcing the issue.  But sometimes a good swift kick in the bum wakes you up a bit, don’t you think?  In my case it did. Literally.

Last week I wrote about life in “Elmo’s” world.  A couple days ago, a friend sent the article I’m going to share and let me just say, I’d take Elmo’s world any day over living in a garbage dump!!  That’s right a dump.  This was my “emotional” kick in the bum, a sort of landing hard on the bottom of a pool and breaking off a piece of your bone off wake-up…

New film highlights Cambodian family’s triumph despite living in a landfill | ksl.com. (Entire Article found here)

“Through filming “River of Victory” about a family who lives near a garbage dump in Cambodia, two returned Mormon missionaries found that happiness isn’t limited to a location.

You can find happiness wherever you are,” noted Trevor Wright, director and producer of “River of Victory,” an International Documentary Association award-nominated documentary. “There are people everywhere and they are not defined by their circumstances.

“We found this family and started filming them,” Wright said. “It turned out to be way more meaningful and better than we ever have planned.”

The family they decided to follow consisted of Sang Ly, her husband, Ki; their 3-year-old daughter, Keo; and 18- month-old son, Sokchea. Sang Ly, Ki and their children live in a dump, literally. The small family is surrounded by a land fill that houses 11 acres of trash, 100 feet deep in an area called, Steung Meanchey, which roughly translates to “river of victory.”

While living at a dump site is not ideal, it provides a unique opportunity for the family as pick through the trash for recyclables. While the recyclables provide an income for the family, it has also affected the health of their son Sokchea.

“I feel bad for my son,” Sang Ly says in the film. “Not that I don’t have other problems. You could write a book about them, but the only sentence that I would care about is my sick son.”

Sang Ly’s love and sacrifice for her family is a common trait in the “river of victory,” and the filmmakers hope that is the message viewers take away from their film.

“We want to tell the story that these are regular people and they are real people and they care about their families,” Wright explained. “While the dump is a pretty shocking thing in and of itself, we wanted the people to come across more than just the condition they are living in.”

Click here to view the trailer, powerful and moving.  IT IS AMAZING!

Gratitude can go a LONG way, it really can.  After reading this and seeing the trailer it made my “little” problems that I have figuring out how to enjoy being a mom WAY itsy bitsy.  I’m thankful that I can be a mother in the circumstances I’m in, so so grateful.


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